Flood Protection for Commercial Properties 

Your factory, shop, office or other workplace is home to you and your employees every weekday from 9-5 – this is why it’s important that you take the time to invest in your establishment to ensure it’s safe for everyone there. Our extensive range of flood mitigation items have been tried and tested numerous times to ensure that they provide superior protection against the very real threat of flooding. Flood protection from superior brands such at Kitemark include everything to protect all the different vulnerable points in your establishment.

 Flood protection for commercial properties across the UK forms a solid barrier against water levels, don’t put your hard earned business into unnecessary threat by neglecting to install bespoke flood barriers throughout the establishment. All flood defences are constructed from top quality materials and includes the following: (compositeUPVChardwoodcommercialbarriersair bricks, control systems, sewerage anti-overflow systems as well as items that are exclusive to us, like automatic flood doors and automatic flood protected garage doors (no flood barriers required). Ensure that your employees are protected from 9-5 – superior flood protection can be arranged simply by giving us a call.        

The only way of fully defending a building is by installing bespoke units that have been specifically crafted to match the requirements and challenges that your establishment presents. This is why we make sure to personalise our services for each and every client that we work with – meaning that our in house research and development team are always improving the technology found in all flood defence systems that we offer.  All of this ensures that our commercial flood defence systems are some of the most effective and technologically advanced on the market. 

The quality of our flood protection far exceeds the traditional alternatives offered by other companies.

The Flood Protection Process

The process for making your commercial building flood proof will change depending on both your location and individual circumstances. Regardless of this – we always carry out a full, professional and extensive survey of your establishment which allows us to get to grips with the property and better suggest what flood defences are needed. This FREE SURVEY & QUOTATION services is completely without obligation. 

If you are expecting floods

If your property is located in a high risk area, Flood Guard UK will identify the entry points that require flood protection from water ingress. 

We’ll advise on what products will be most effective at providing you with the very best flood protection for your property.  

If you have already been flooded

It’s not the damage to your precious office possessions and structures that have to be considered in this case, but also the long winded insurance claims in addition to the clean up process. Flood Guard are here to offer you post-flood advice if the worst has already happened, enabling you to move forward. 


Commercial flood protection available for your business establishment from Flood Guard UK.  Find flood defence systems that will protect you from rising water levels.