Residential flood protection from Flood Guard offers unparalleled protection against the deadly effects of flooding in your area. We will ensure that your home forms a solid barrier against rising water with a range of flood mitigation products. 

First of all it is necessary that we conduct a FREE SURVEY & QUOTATION for you to work out exactly what your needs are and to plan the best flood protection!

If you are expecting floods  

Some areas in the United Kingdom are in high risk flood zones, which means that the only way of protecting you and your family (other than moving) is by installing flood protection throughout the vulnerable areas within your home. These can include flood doors (compositeUPVChardwoodcommercialbarriersair bricks, control systems, sewerage anti-overflow systems as well as items that are exclusive to us, like automatic flood doors and automatic flood protected garage doors (no flood barriers required).  This wide and extensive range of flood mitigation products will offer you the strength that is needed to hold back the progress of water into your home, at Flood Guard UK we use the best quality products on the market whilst combing them with bespoke personalisations to offer quality protection. Our survey looks at not just the doors, but also the windows in your property that are at risk should the weather take a turn for the worst.

Our no obligation survey leaves all the hard work to us – we identify the flood defence options which will work best within your environment and provide you with a quote.

If you have already been flooded 

Floods can be spontaneous and deadly – if your property has already been hit by the weather then we can help you deal with the various issues that come with this so you can get your life back on track. ur experience within the residential flooding industry means that we’re able to provide you with priceless advice.  It is more important than ever to protect your home since the expiration of the ‘Statement of Principles’ in 2013 which provided compensation for flood victims.

 if your part of a local flood group or you buy multiple products we can offer you some great discounts!


Call Flood Guard UK today for outstanding flood mitigation products and technology at fantastic prices.  Residential flood protection from Flood Guard is available now.